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Music quiz thingy. My top five:

My top five favourite chill songs: 

Burn one down - Ben Harper
Three of us - Ben Harper
Fields of gold - Sting
Wind of change - Scorpions
Jamming - Bob Marley

My top five favourite sad songs:

Save him - Justin Nozuka
I remember - Damien Rice
9 Crimes - Damien Rice
Hurt - Christina Aguilera 
The A team - Ed Sheeran

My top five favourite songs that make me happy: 

Hips don't lie - Shakira
I just had sex - The lonely Island
The Boys of summer - Don Henley
Destination - Darius
Down Under - Men at work
My top five favourite songs including nice memories:

We found love - Rihanna
Zombie - The Cranberries
Panic Attack - Dream Theater
Crucified by love - Nomy
Don't Dream it's over - Crowded House

My top five favourite powerful songs:
My heart will go on - Celine Dion
Paradise - Coldplay
The count of tuscany - Dream Theater
Life on Mars - David Bowie
What have you done - Within Temptation

My top five favourite songs with best lyrics: 

Stairway to heaven - Led Zeppelin
Save him - Justin Nozuka
Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
I jizzed in my pants - The lonely Island
Beds are burning - The Midnight Oil

My top five favourite groups/persons I want to see live:

Damien Rice
Justin Nozuka
Dream Theater
Avenged Sevenfold
Within Temptation
Celine Dion
Michael Jackson


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